R.A.D. Community Outreach

Written by Rhonda DiGenova on February 16, 2017 - 0 Comments

Outreach Update:

We met on January 30th to discuss the successful Christmas season and to plan out 2018 here is what we discussed:

We as a team fully adopted 20 families (this means we provided food and gifts for about 104 people) this was separate from the Christmas day event. This was an amazing experience and being able to deliver these boxes to our families was very emotional for Mike and I. We are planning a schedule for next year in order to give an opportunity to you who would like to deliver to be a part of this for 2018.
We as a team provided 75 meals and gifts to those who attended the Christmas day event at Hathaway Elementary. We had very positive feedback from the school and want to make this our permanent home for our Christmas day event and the district is being contacted to get this underway for 2018. We are also hoping to secure a vinyl sign to hang on the fence at Hathaway advertising our free community meal. Since our meal will always be Christmas Day this will be a banner we can reuse each year!
Backpack/School Supply Drive:
We would like to have counselors signing up children before school lets out in June so that we can work towards reliving last minute stress on the families in need of our support. We will take sign ups at the Refuel meals throughout July and the beginning of August. And plan a backpack stuffing workday once we see the school calendar
Please Join us at Silver Star Search and Rescue on Thursday, February 15th for our next team meeting.
We also will be serving the Refuel Washougal meal on Friday the 16th. The menu is set as:
Beef Stroganoff
Green Salad
Red Velvet Cupcakes for dessert
Coffee, Cocoa, Water and Juice
We look forward to seeing anyone who can attend the meeting and the meal next week!

Blessings to you,

Mike and Michele Gregson
R.A.D. Outreach
Radiant Church