R.A.D. Community Outreach

Written by Rhonda DiGenova on February 16, 2017 - 0 Comments

Outreach Update:

It has been a while since we gave an update on what our team is up to and more importantly what GOD is up to working through our team!
We have been busy with the Friday meals, Starbucks food share pick ups and deliveries to families, we have had several opportunities to help families directly with food and clothing needs from all of the generous donations.
AND, we have now help 3 families with rent assistance, one family with PUD assistance, and another family with fuel assistance by way of gas gift cards! We have paid for a couple hotel rooms for one night stays, we provided fuel assistance to help a lady and her child escape an abusive relationship and just today we are able to provide much needed assistance to a lady who has also recently escaped an abusive relationship with much needed food, hygiene, bedding and other household items!
All of this is made possible by our faithfulness to God and your faithfulness to God and desire to help and donate!
We are planning our 2nd annual silent auction dinner for late September… possibly early October! As you know from last years dinner this is a huge factor in the funding that we have for the financial help we can give at Christmas and throughout the year!!!
We are also going to be posting needs for our school supply and back pack drive (we already have school working on the signups)
We will have a calendar of events to post soon!
From the bottom of our hearts we THANK YOU!!!

Blessings to you,

Mike and Michele Gregson
R.A.D. Outreach
Radiant Church
360-281-1125 or 360-721-9902